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North York General Hospital selects PresiNET and Bialogics for their Diagnostic Imaging Analytics.

North York General Hospital selects PresiNET and Bialogics for Diagnostic Imaging Analytics.

PresiNET and Bialogics is excited to announce that as of May 1st, 2018 North York General Hospital (NYGH) will be implementing PresiNET and Bialogics DImax Radiology Analytics solution as its analytics platform for Diagnostic Imaging.

PresiNET and Bialogics DImax Radiology Analytics solution will improve the efficiency of the NYGH Diagnostic Imaging department by providing operational performance and patient workflow-based business intelligence. Our vendor-agnostic solution collects live data feeds from multiple systems, formats, and protocols. This includes data from RIS/PACS, EMR and other Clinical Information Systems. DImax processes this data in a way that produces actionable information in near real-time without the need for complex and expensive integrations or interfaces.

“NYGH is committed to providing the best quality of care through integrated patient-centered care through learning, innovation, and partnerships” said Mike Sharma Director of Clinical Diagnostics of NYGH. “Due to the unique dynamics of our organization and their complexity, we needed an analytics solution that could provide us with information in real time. “We are able to get the information we need when we need it to drive efficiencies and improve the workflow in our department. We are very excited to work with PresiNET and Bialogics as they been recognized as leaders in Diagnostic Imaging Analytics.”

“NYGH is an organization which drives innovation and has that out of box thinking which is complementary to Bialogics.” “We are looking forward to working with NYGH and building a long-term partnership,” said Jeff Vachon CEO of Bialogics.

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