Using our network monitoring technologies, we can deliver critical business services.


Analyze Healthcare protocols for improved workflow, patient care and operational performance.

Corporate Networks:

Understand the traffic running on your network and manage security, performance, and compliance.

Gateway Security Service:

Feel confident your organization is secure from network security threats.

Corporate Networks.
Gateway Security Service.


Purpose-Built Solutions for Healthcare.

Image Management:

Providing actionable information to support your Image Management strategy and assess operational efficiency.

Workflow Management:

Delivering valuable workflow insight that enables the understanding of your modality imaging processes.

Data Science Analytics:

Providing a unique ‘non-invasive’ data engine designed for product developers and integration specialists.

Image Management.
Workflow Management.
Data Science Analytics.


Information you need for performance, compliance and security.

Optimize Performance:

Reduce costly application and network slowdowns and downtime.

Verify Compliance:

Feel confident within your regulatory context. View websites, applications, connections, and bandwidth being used.

Pinpoint Data Breaches:

Minimize threats to your bottom line by making all your network connections accountable.

Optimize Performance.
Verify Compliance.
Pinpoint Data Breaches.

Purpose-Built Solutions for Healthcare, Gateway Security and Network Analytics

PresiNET delivers innovative solutions by integrating network and application data with business process analysis, leading to improved efficiency, operational performance and compliance.

Network Monitor

Network Monitor

Install a PresiNET Appliance on your switch/router for real-time Line monitoring of network data.

open Traffic Analytics

Traffic Analytics

From the data collected, PresiNET provides the intelligence you need to easily view and understand the tra­ffic running on your network, enabling effective management, security, performance and regulatory compliance.

Usage Analysis

Performance and
Usage Analysis

PresiNET pinpoints the root cause of application and network slowdowns so they can be solved quickly, allowing everyone to get back to business. Pinpoint data breaches, optimize performance, verify compliance, and generate targeted reporting.

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PresiNET provides a view of which external and internal users are accessing systems, when they are accessing those resources and if they are transferring data. Set thresholds for users and applications.

Healthcare Analytics

Protocol Analytics

PresiNET analysis both DICOM and HL7 protocols, providing an analytics platform designed to improve hospital reporting and workflow.

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