News with PresINET and Bialogics

PresiNET and Bialogics accepted into MaRS Health Ventures

TORONTO, July 19, 2018 – PresiNET and Bialogics announces today that it has been accepted into the MaRS Health venture services program. PresiNET and Bialogics brings its deep understanding of the operational and performance processes of diagnostic imaging systems, with the ability to collect, structure and present data into insightful information.

MaRS Health connects small- to mid-sized companies like PresiNET and Bialogics with the capital, customers and talent they need to grow, and also offers a range of expert mentorship and advisory services. MaRS will help PresiNET and Bialogics with further product development, technology partnerships and expansion into international markets.

While working with MaRS, PresiNET and Bialogics will look to develop a new take on the DI ecosystem, where data can be pulled across multiple silos, provide deeper insight through data utilization and continue to develop its innovative AI Ready Business Intelligence platform for analytics, dashboard reporting, and Machine Learning capabilities

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